Furniture Restoration

Services include:

  • Antique furniture restoration and repairs
  • Timber door, window, bench and cabinetry repair and restoration
  • Resizing holes for hobs, ovens fridges and other appliances
  • Broken and weak chair/table joints: We can repair and rejoin these joints, modify to make stronger.
  • Remodelling of old furniture: height/length adjustments for individual physical  needs of clients, but also complete transformations for artistic purposes eg a drawer converted to a seat
  • Broken parts of any furniture: Any broken sections of indoor or outdoor furniture bring it in and we can make a replacement part for you.
  • Resurfacing to make your furniture look new again.  Removing candle burns, scratches, watermarks, dog bites and general wear and tear.
  • Updating your furniture with a new finish
    Taking the bow out of tables

Client Testimonials

"Paul restored our cabinet with great care and skill. Communication was very easy and the work was done professionally".

Ted and Elspeth, Avonhead

"You restored my table a couple of weeks ago.  And I just want to thank you again because it just looks so beautiful and a lot of people have admired it very much.  So I just wanted to let you know that I'm very grateful. Thank you".

Liz, Halswell


The work you did making a beautiful new coffee table and stunning new dining room table out of parts of a broken antique oak table that had been in my family for years was very clever and beyond my expectations. I love the story both these pieces of furniture now tell in our home. Thank you.

Adam, Rolleston