Mulinello Lamp


Mulinello (Italian for Whirlwind) Lamp

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  •  stands at 181cm tall

  • is part of a series of lamps collectively called The Climb.

  • handcrafted from natural white ash wood.

  • The beautiful wood grain of the can be seen through the blue/green wood


  • Mulinello, is the Italian name for whirlpool

  • The spiral suggests the movement and direction of water in a


  • looks gorgeous by day because of the vibrant blue/green colour and

    natural wood combination

  •  by night can light up the room.

  • Comes with an attractive, easy-to use remote that allows you to dim the

    lighting according to the atmosphere that you desire.

  •  is designed to be a feature lamp that would grace living rooms,

    entrance ways, foyers, boardrooms, and lobbies, foyers, boardrooms, and


  • is made of sustainable timbers and made of beautiful wood off cuts