Out of the Ashes


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Out of the Ashes I Roto I  Nga Pungarehu

  • is a table that defies gravity as the integrated pieces of over 120
    pieces of natural wood give the effect of flowing water.
  • is eye catching and has to be seen to fully appreciate the beauty of
    the solid White Ash wood.
  • Stands at a height of 95cm and a width of 84cm,
    makes a stunning entrance to table in a home, business, government
    building or lobby.
  • Out of the Ashes is reference to the mythical Phoenix bird, symbolizing renewal.
  • For Cantabrians, the rising of the phoenix out of the ashes
    can be strongly connected to idea of our city rising again, and
    the renewal of our city.
  • makes a great feature by day with beautiful ash wood pieces skilfully
    joined together in an original design
  • has been made with quality and solid construction techniques and is
    built to last