Phoenix Lamp




  • is part of a series of lamps collectively called The Climb
  • this lamp, in particular, envisages the movement of a phoenix rising up out of the ashes as in the Greek mythological tale of old.
  • In the historical record, the phoenix “could symbolize renewal in general as
    well as the sun, time, the Empire, metempsychosis, consecration,resurrection, life in the heavenly Paradise, Christ, Mary, virginity, the exceptional man, and certain aspects of Christian life”.
  • For Cantabrians, there is a strong connection to idea of our city
    rising again, and the renewal of our city.
  • makes a great feature by day with beautiful ash wood pieces skilfully joined
    together in a interesting design.
    lights up a room and adds atmosphere.
  • has been made with quality and solid construction techniques and is
    designed to last a lifetime.
  • Has been made of sustainable timber off-cuts

Please contact us, if you wish a similar lamp to be commissioned or a design of your choice.