What is an Epoxy River Table?

The trend of the epoxy river tables comes from the USA. In the last years, epoxy resin table fever has broken out all over the world, and of course also in New Zealand. The appeal is because they are modern, eye-catching, high quality and have an exotic beauty. In a fashion sense, the tables cannot be be neatly boxed into a specific design category as they appeal to both lovers of wood furniture and people who prefer a modern style.

The creative possibilities are endless when making making a wood and epoxy table. Epoxy resin comes in various colours and can be also be transparent, allowing natural light to be part of the creation. Adding LED lighting gives an added interest too. There are also a variety of structures: traditional, clean lines or more creative. In New Zealand, less processed native Macrocarpa timber, has natural channels and ridges for the epoxy resin to sit in, giving the soothing appearance of valleys and rivers.

We have made epoxy tables for clients and have one in our online shop for sale.

Macrocarpa Epoxy Resin Table