A Significant Sea Chest

Lex, from Okuti Valley shared the history of his restored sea chest as follows:

The trunk appears to have been made of North American Pine. It was brought to NZ 174 years ago by my great-great grandfather Angus McMillan, his first wife Margaret, and his sister Janet. Having lived on a small croft at Heatherlea, Fort William Scotland, they immigrated on the Mooltan from Greenock on the Clyde river, and arrived at Port Chambers 26 December 1849. The Mooltan set sail with 120 immigrants of whom 13 died, including 9 from cholera. Angus settled at Halfway Bush Dunedin where he resumed his trade as a boot-maker. The trunk then moved with one of his sons William (my great-grandfather) to the place of my birth, Reay Farm in North Otago. From approximately 1880 the trunk was kept in the Reay Farm barn. The barn built in 1864 has a significant history of its own having served as a place of worship while the local Presbyterian church was being built. The trunk housed our family archive for the next four generations, until the farm passed from our family in 2015. Falling heir to the trunk, I have been inspired by the BBC Repair Shop to ask Paul and Deb to undertake a careful restoration. The fruit of their work is magnificent.