A Place to Come Home To

Genevieve Ogilvie-lee wanted to convert her Elm coffee table into an island
kitchen bar, thereby creating a multi-purpose space for cooking, dining and
office work in her Sumner beachfront apartment.

Genevieve’s mum, Ashleigh, suggested the imaginative idea, and her
daughter embraced it, as she adores the warmth of natural wood especially
when she compared it to her experiences of sitting, perhaps with a coffee in hand, at industrially made kitchen island bars.

Making the vision come to life required a few steps: the coffee table
needed its cracks and splits repaired and timber was added for additional
strength. The legs were removed and finally, the former coffee table was
adapted to its new metal leg, and then to the apartment’s eyebeam and
existing benchtop.

The original coffee table

Relishing the chance to restyle her own living space, Genevieve’s energy and
enthusiasm is infectious as she describes her apartment’s transformation
from its original 1970s decor to her self described eclectic style that is
a mix of modern and antique.

A gorgeous, qing dynasty door hanging on the kitchen wall was collected from
time spent living in China. The choice of flooring reflects her love of
natural wood, design, and care for the environment as it is made of
recycled Rimu that has been cut in a striking V-shaped parquet pattern. The
kitchen tiles are a smoky grey colour with floating shelves on, where she
plans to pop overhanging plants. As Genevieve details her future
interior design plans, you sense that they all are going to be made with
considerable thought and heart.

And as sunshine streams into the front patio and courtyard, with surround
sound of the sea, you can’t help but think that after a hard day’s work,
there couldn’t be a better place to come home to.