Lock Down Fun

Lock Down has been a creative time for many people as we suddenly found ourselves at home with time on our hands.

The six o’clock television news, very wisely, after the grim statistics and announcements, are showing  humorous segments of home sports and mum and dad dancing! Laughter doeth good like a medicine and seeing  examples of ingenuity is helping us keep our spirits up.

Again, like in the aftermath of the earthquakes, people have been inventive showing us the best side of humanity. We will never forget Captain Tom, a former war hero, in England, who decided to walk one hundred laps of his yard before his hundredth birthday, raising millions of dollars for the national health service. Or the daily heartwarming cheers of New Yorkers for their brave health workers. Closer to home, Thomas Bourne, a security guard sang his heart out to queuing customers at South Auckland Pak n’ Save. There are very obvious moments of joy amongst the heavy feelings of sadness and tragedy.

I have never been so grateful for the Internet’s ability to help us feel connected to the outside world and to share creativity and humour. A favourite of mine are the hilarious baking ‘fails’ that people are posting as we have had some of those in our house too.

I have been more surprised by the time I have had for cleaning, gardening and delivering groceries to my normally active but very locked in parents.  And I have been shocked at how my teen daughters have settled in, and embraced their situation without barely a complaint.  Books, baking, school work and internet work outs are keeping them occupied.

Paul on the other hand, is taking the time to practice his wood bending skills. – a skill that you often use when making chairs. This is a creative deckchair that he has just finished called “The Wave”.

It has been lovely to see so many people out walking in their bubbles. It seems almost a strange thing to say, but for those of us who haven’t been caught up in the crisis part of COVID 19 as of yet, as an essential service worker or grieving the death of a loved one, or dealing with a job loss, lock down has almost seemed good for our souls – a time when we got back to the joyful simplicity of life. And being that none of us really know what struggles are ahead, the only right response is to cherish this time.