Starry, Starry Nights

Not long before the arrival of Covid 19 Lockdown,  we received a lovely email from Adrienne:

“We live in Twizel on the outer edge of our town where there is very little light pollution and for many many years have enjoyed sitting outside most nights star gazing. Our old rocking swing seat finally broke recently and we are very keen to replace it.

The old swing seat was never ideal as our view of the stars was always partially obscured by the frame so we knew when we eventually replaced it that it would have to be something without a frame above.

One of the best things about our old chair was that it swung! We have had years of enjoying swinging and looking at the stars. The idea we came up with and would possibly like you to create us is called an Adirondack Love Seat Rocking Chair.”


We loved their letter and were keen to help. After researching and thinking carefully, and chatting with Paul, Adrienne and husband Alan detailed that they would like their new seat to swing a little, recline at three angles (so they could see the stars easily), not have a bar above it, sit three people, be the correct size for their height and have cup holders if possible.

Adrienne and Alan went with Paul’s recommendation in making it in the beautiful hard-wearing Iroko.

Star Gazing Swing seat with Adjustable Back

When Lockdown Level 2 arrived,  we gladly took  a  country drive to deliver the seat and enjoyed seeing the beautiful area where the swing seat would be living.

It was also fun to meet Alan, with his infectious sense of humour, relaying the story of the former chair’s demise and his obvious joy in having a new swing seat.

Now we are back home, we like to think of all the moments that Adrienne and Alan will share again sitting, chatting and gazing up at the Milky Way.