Timber Laying Around

We have had a few clients in the last year or two, ring us and ask  if we could make anything out of the leftover Rimu from their house renovation or the Macrocarpa laying in the back shed or the walnut slabs from their mum’s predatory Walnut tree that had been cut down four years earlier.  Our reply is “Yep, sure.  Have a look for a design that you like and we will see what we can do.”


Here are the requested designs:


Dining Table made from recycled Rimu left over from a house renovation


Farmhouse dining table made from Macrocarpa slabs laying in the farm shed


Walnut slabs

Walnut dining table legs

Walnut dining table inside


A Rosewood and Kwila Table.  This family had the Rosewood timber at home, that they bought back from the Solomon Islands