The Honeycomb Bookcase

Our clients wanted a new bookcase for lots of books in their children’s playroom.  They also wanted some hexagonal shapes inside the bookcase that would  be reading nooks for their children,  but that would also be big enough for adults too.

Birch Plywood was decided upon as it is a durable and functional wood that is particularly suitable for a child’s play area.  The next step was to make small prototypes of the design to get the sizing and scaling correct.  Once construction began, it was made into six different sections, and special clamps had to be constructed to hold it together.  Again, wanting to provide strength and durability, mortice and tendon joins were used throughout.



Yesterday was our day for installation and four men were needed to get it from our workshop to its home in Swannanoa.  There are still upholstery cushions to be added to the reading nooks by our clients.

This was a lovely addition to a book loving family’s playroom.