20 Ways to Improve Your Storage and Space

These days with such an abundance of material goods available,  finding space and storage in our homes can be a problem.   Our clients are often come to us with ideas on how to solve this issue.  See some of the results below:

1.  Bunk beds with Storage Drawers Inside the Steps, a Desk underneath, Built in Cupboards and a Hydraulic Lift to reveal Storage under the Bed


2. Lounge Wall Unit with Bookshelves


3.  Empty Wall Space Turned into A Movie Theatre


4.  Playroom Bookcase with Reading Nooks (upholstered cushions to be added).


5.  Triple Bunk Beds (In construction) allowing three beds in one room


6.  Built in Office Furniture


7.  Birch Ply Wall Unit Built between Two Door Frames


8.  Cubed Book Storage


9.  Rustic Oak Bookcase


10.  Corner Bookshelf


11.  Display Cabinet

12.  Bunks with Desk and Slide-Out Bed

13.  Floating Shelves


14.  Laundry Storage



15.  Corner Cabinet

16.  Oak Coffee Table with Large Drawer



17. Bunk Bed with Desk Underneath


18.  Office Storage


19.  Utilizing Unused Space

20. Walnut Blanket Box