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Starry, Starry Nights

Not long before the arrival of Covid 19 Lockdown,  we received a lovely email from Adrienne: “We live in Twizel on the outer edge of our town where there is very little light pollution and for many many years have enjoyed sitting outside most nights star gazing. Our old rocking swing seat finally broke recently…

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Lock Down Fun

Lock Down has been a creative time for many people as we suddenly found ourselves at home with time on our hands. The six o’clock television news, very wisely, after the grim statistics and announcements, are showing  humorous segments of home sports and mum and dad dancing! Laughter doeth good like a medicine and seeing…

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Giving Back

We have recently been approved as an Upstream NZ business. We are very excited to be part of this fast growing initiative as it is a 100% charity organization that is connecting customers and businesses to charities helping New Zealand youth. 10% of our Upstream NZ invoice work goes to the charity that the customer…

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A Place to Come Home To

Genevieve Ogilvie-lee wanted to convert her Elm coffee table into an island kitchen bar, thereby creating a multi-purpose space for cooking, dining and office work in her Sumner beachfront apartment. Genevieve’s mum, Ashleigh, suggested the imaginative idea, and her daughter embraced it, as she adores the warmth of natural wood especially when she compared it…

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Passion Project: 1229 Coffee Table

This is the latest recycled wood passion project by Paul. The sustainably sourced rustic oak off-cuts were left over from other furniture projects. The pieces were too small to be anything else so  were cut into pieces of a similar width but of various heights. Once glued altogether, they looked like a wooden Manhattan cityscape.…

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Who was Hans J. Wegner?

Not long ago, we were asked to make two Hans Wegner inspired coffee tables in rustic oak, by a local interior designer.  They are pared down in style and form and have their legs off-centre adding an element of unpredictability.   Who was Hans J. Wegner?  Hans J Wegner was  a world renown iconic Danish…

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Are you Short of a Chair or Two?

If you are considering changing dining suites because you don’t have enough seating, why not have some matching chairs custom made? This is a solution not often thought of, but it can save you money and allow you to keep a suite that you love for longer.

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What is an Epoxy River Table?

The trend of the epoxy river tables comes from the USA. In the last years, epoxy resin table fever has broken out all over the world, and of course also in New Zealand. The appeal is because they are modern, eye-catching, high quality and have an exotic beauty. In a fashion sense, the tables cannot…

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18 Gifts of Creativity

    Interest in traditional crafts and creative pursuits is at the height of fashion at the moment as people are looking for a contrast to our fast paced technological world. Some gifts that creativity brings to our lives are: 1. It Makes Time Fly By. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, researched happiness, creativity and discovered the concept…

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Minimalism and its Benefits

Lately, we have been asked to custom build a few pieces of furniture in a minimalist style. The pared down style has become very popular and it has been influencing our lifestyle trends for some time. It can be seen in our new housing developments that offer home decor in white, grey and black or…

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What is Hygee?

Recently, we were asked to make a games table with a lid on it so that it could turn into a dining table but still leave the unfinished board game underneath to be continued at a later time. I loved the idea as I had been reading about the lifestyle trend of Hygee for a…

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The Making of "The Convertible"

  Fiona wanted to own a table that no one else had, and she wanted something that was functional and didn’t take up too much space. On the internet, she found one piece of furniture that could be converted into another and decided that she would like a coffee table that could convert to a…

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